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Step into the magical world that Juliette has been creating for the past 20 years. Photography, Art, Fairytales and so much more.

Meet the artist

I didn’t even realize I was an artist until my 20s.

It's weird, cause as kids, we are always told how creative we are but we don't put a whole lot of weight on compliments from friends and family. I do not think most artist had intended to be artist on career day. I got my degree in history and had planned on being the next Indiana Jones. History and literature were the only subjects I truly liked in school, mostly, because I love stories. I would often day dream and have an imaginary filing system in my head of which story I would continue to add to that day. I had heroes and villains for every issue in my life. Although, the majority of my stories were fantasy or scifi, they all very much mirrored my life one way or another. Perhaps the hero was confident where I wasn't or stronger than I could be or maybe the villain was evil where at times I wish I could fight without my moral compass. I have spent my whole life with these stories.

Fast Forward To 2005...

I wanted to announce our new baby to his siblings in a special, magical way. So I wrote a fairytale that had each of them involved with saving the day and the kingdom of course. My daughter, Belle, wanted pictures to go along with the story. She wanted to be a fairy," How do I do this?!", I thought. "Ok, I got this, I will scan her photo and butterfly stickers for wings, then I will cut and paste it together! " Well, in 2005 that was my very first fairy photomanipulation. I mean if you can even call it that. I had made one so I had to then make about 50 more for the very long fairytale. It was one of the best moments of being a parent I have ever had. doing this project with my kids.

My kids and I took on this project of creating a whole world. Friends and family got involved as supporting characters, there were maps and cliff hangers and ideas for books 2 & 3.

I couldn't keep up with using stickers, so then I started watching youtube on how to use Photoshop. Well, that was a game changer.

Not sure how or when it happened, but somewhere in 2007, I kind of became a hit in the fantasy art world. I was on covers of magazines, the newspaper and even on some book covers. I was getting commissions and models were hiring me to make their portfolio's stand out. I went back to school and got my degree in studio photography, somehow also started teaching graphic design, keep in mind, I was self taught so this was all mind blowing to me. I won not only photographer of the year for a popular agency but also artist of the year for Beyond Fantasy Magazine. I was humbled to be honored in this way. I hadn't thought that a "YouTube" graphic designer could get that kind of attention. I met amazing people along the way and go to be part of so many very cool projects.

Today, things are a little different with apps doing everything for everyone. I'm sure there's an app out there that turns you into a fairy. I don't think you can get the same "life" out of an app created image, but I'm sure within a couple years we won't be able to tell the difference between human or ai made art. I still take commissions for personalized fairytale books or custom art, but my "day job" is mostly logos and websites. Please feel free to contact me if you are in need of an artist. I'm still here, creating art daily. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram below to keep up with my daily art. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story. I hope my art can bring a little magic into your world.

Forever your fairy artist,

Juliette 🦋

human’s greed

In shadows deep, a sprite does hide,

Beneath the leaves, where trees abide.

Centuries pass, her silent gaze,

Witnessing humans’ changing ways.

Marveled at their spirit bright,

Yet saddened by their endless plight.

Like termites, they consume and grow,

Their hunger, a relentless flow.

In the dance of time, she’s seen,

Forests felled, a tragic scene.

They take and take, a ceaseless claim,

A paradise lost, forever changed.

For soon, the forest will be no more,

And then, how long till humans implore?

With nature gone, what will they grasp,

When they’ve consumed their very last?

A Wee Irish Fae

In Ireland's glades, where flowers bloom,

Fairies dance in nature's room.

Born from petals, soft and bright,

They shimmer in the moon's soft light.

Tiny wings and hearts so true,

In folklore old, their tales they strew.

From blossoms fair, their stories spring,

A gentle magic, joy they bring.

poetic Story Telling

He’ll Burn the World To Save Her

in shadows deep where moonlight wakes,

Oberon, the high fae’s soul mate awaits .

Shaggy hair of black, eyes piercing blue,

Copper skin, a body of a guardian true.

Elara, a mortal, lost in the maze,

Caught in enchantment, meets his gaze.

Obsession sparks, a fiery embrace,

Love is released with untamed grace.

He's not the hero, nor the villain's woe,

Yet for Elara, worlds he'd overthrow.

Silent guardian in the shadows he'd stay,

Powerful love that won't fade away.

Burning desire, a tempest's might,

Protecting Elara day and night.

In the fae's heart, a love untold,

A burning passion, fierce and bold.

Two worlds collide, love's potent spell,

Oberon's heart, a tale to tell.

A bridge between realms, shadows dance,

An obsessive love, a timeless romance.

She’d stay with him forever

Beneath the moon's soft glow, in shadows' embrace,

I fled a cruel betrothed, a desperate chase.

Met a trickster fairy who bargained a deal,

Led me into a maze, where time no longer real.

Enchanted whispers echoed in the air,

Trapped within the fae's beguiling snare.

Oberon heard my cries, his gaze met mine,

The connection was created as if by spellbound design.

Not the villain, nor a heroes claim,

Oberon's presence, a flickering flame.

In his arms, strength and kindness entwined,

A sanctuary, a haven for the heart to find.

He pledged protection with every breath,

As if I were life, and he was conquering death.

Worlds apart, our love faced a cruel decree,

Yet in his arms, I longed to linger, feel his love for eternity.

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Push pin. Drawing pin. 3D pin with shadow.
Push pin. Drawing pin. 3D pin with shadow.
Push pin. Drawing pin. 3D pin with shadow.

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